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Job Satisfaction for Internal Auditors: How to Retain Top Talent

For many people, the words “internal auditor” conjure up an image of a robotic figure with an array of precisely sharpened No. 2 pencils.

But the reality is, internal auditors are anything but automatons. They are human beings with identities, preferences, and yes … even feelings. And they have definite opinions on what makes them happy in their jobs.

It benefits all of us when we know what elements keep employees happy, productive, and efficient at their work. Managers can use this information to positively address those factors within their control. After all, studies show that when an employee leaves an organization, it’s usually because of the people they worked with. Not the company or the work.

To provide some insight on the question of how to hang on to top-performers, The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) surveyed IIA members in North America and received more than 1,600 responses. The result is Job Satisfaction for Internal Auditors: How to Retain Top Talent. This illuminating report brought to light eight key themes ranging from what environments are more likely to create organizational-professional conflict to what behaviors are more likely to be seen from internal auditors who receive incentives based on company performance.

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